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Weed Cannabis Marijuana and the CannaClub Solution

Weed Cannabis Marijuana and the CannaClub Solution

“Weed! Cannabis! Marijuana!”

There has been a lot of talk - and even more confusion- in Canada lately about the legalization of Cannabis - everything from legalization to vape lounges to weed cannabis marijuana and weed delivery.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau was elected in a landslide majority in 2015 after pledging to finally Legalize Cannabis for recreational use, and currently has legislation before the senate, that if approved, would see the new laws take effect July 1, 2018.Despite all the assurances however, there has been much controversy about the decision, not only by those opposed to legalization, but by the majority of cannabis entrepreneurs, who feel they have been excluded from the process by the governments legalization task force, and who more recently have been the target of intimidation by police, with raids on Cannabis dispensaries and the targeting of vocal opponents in the community.

For years now cities like Toronto and Vancouver have enjoyed cannabis themed vapor lounges, where consumers were able to go and consume their cannabis with safety and security. Both recreational and medical users have come to rely on this convenience over the years, as a way to inconspicuously consume cannabis away from the presence of children or other family members, or as a result of their accommodations not allowing the consumption of cannabis on their property.

Buy Medical Cannabis and Weed Cannabis Marijuana

With legalization coming we are also seeing new regulations at municipal, provincial and federal levels. One of those changes may actually cause cannabis users to lose what they have had for years. The current Ontario government, for example, not only implemented legislation to ban the sale or distribution of medical devices like vaporizers and e-pens, but openly advocates the closure of all vapor lounges in the province. Not only is the province targetting vapor lounges, it has support the recent crackdown on cannabis entrepreneurs and the police raids on Cannabis dispensaries. The province intends to exclude entrepreneurs from the market completely, with initial plans to open only 60 Government owned dispensaries in Ontario, and to restrict their products to those currently supplied by Government sanctioned Licensed producers only. While edibles will not be immediately allowed,the people are demanding access to cannabis in all forms, and industry watchers anticipate that edibles will be available within a couple of years of legislation. While it is unknown what kind of regulations might be put into place, media reports that main stream restaurants and food producers are looking forward to making cannabis part of their offerings.

All this confusion around legal Cannabis and Weed Cannabis Marijuana, has recreational users and patients concerned, as storefront dispensaries open, are raided, closed, then move or re-open at a pace that can make a stoners head spin. Recreational users find it harder and harder to find reliable dispensaries in their communities to safely purchase their cannabis, and patients remain beholden to Licensed Producers, some of which can take over a week from ordering to deliver their much needed medicine.

CannaClub's mobile app for trouble free weed delivery

Fortunately, in the meantime there is a solution that resolves the concerns of both recreational and medical cannabis marijuana users - weed delivery! Canna Club allows consumers to safely purchase high grade cannabis products for delivery directly through their website, Users can choose to download Canna Club's mobile app for Android or IOS that lets users track their shipment from order to deliver via GPS tracking - letting them know exactly when your order will arrive.

Cutting edge entrepreneurs like CannaClub - Canada's leading weed cannabis marijuana, marijuana delivery service - are poised to continue to dominate the home delivery cannabis market for the foreseeable future, while bureaucrats and special interests fight it out in parliament to make smokers lives more difficult going forward.

Thank Mota for weed delivery and the folks over at CannaClub who are elevating the experience for cannabis users Canada wide today!

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