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The Canna-dians of CannaClub - Weed Delivery Ottawa

The Canna-dians of CannaClub - Weed Delivery Ottawa

How Canadians use cannabis?

There's no exact agreed upon number of how many Canadians use cannabis.

Some estimates say 20 percent...some say 30. Is it 2 and a half million Canadians? Three? Four? More?

Either way, the number is in the millions - and that's just the people who are comfortable in reporting their cannabis use. A lifetime of fear and stigma still keeps many cannabis users silent about their cannabis use. Even as things are becoming more open, professionals may still think exposure as a cannabis user could hurt their career; and it will be years after legalization before parents stop fearing the judgement of their neighbors.

But the fact remains - legal yet or not - a lot of Canadians are smoking pot. And medical weed delivery OttawaCanada is reaching an all time high!

And just who are these Canadians?

The truth is - they are a varied bunch ... as diverse as any handful of Canadians! Though some might envision Cheech and Chong - a couple of young guys with a bong - when asked to picture today's cannabis user, the reality is quite different.

To prove the point, Cannaclub, Canada's premiere medical delivery services and weed delivery ottawa, surveyed some of their customers who agreed to share their stories.

Delun Z. has lived in Alberta since 2004 when he and his wife moved from Hong Kong so he could pursue his degree in anthropology . Delun uses cannabis 3 or 4 times a week recreationally. He prefers Cannaclub's fine sativa flower in joints and also uses extracts in his epen. He reports that at his rate of use a gram of extract lasts him more than a week. His wife Angie has never been a smoker but hash recently started using a topical from CannaClub for knee pain.

Cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals

Paula H is a 33 year old elementary school teacher working with special needs kids in a small community near the extremely conservative Chatham Ontario. She uses cannabis as an alternative to pharmaceuticals to help her deal with pain caused by injuries sustained in a major car accident on the 401. Even though her research tells her she would qualify for a medical marijuana prescription, she has never approached a doctor to talk about it. She says doctors are hard to find in her community, and she's just afraid to bring it up. She says she is grateful for CannaClub for the discreet and trustworthy service it provides, allowing her to ease her pain and find relief. She uses indicas to sleep (she says she really likes blackberry kush) and in the mornings before school she uses a few drops of a tincture from CannaClub in her morning Starbucks. “Medical Weed delivery services ottawa makes a world of difference.”

Tyler P, an engineering student in Vancouver, is the closest to the classic stoner profile in the panel. At 21, he's still living the HIGH live -- other than school, he feels li ke his biggest responsibility right now is to enjoy the fleeting university years -. and he is doing it. He say he is working his way through the CannaClub menu - one awesome strain at a time. When asked his favourite strain, he told CannaClub researchers its whichever one is in his bong at any given time. Tyler reports that lately he has been minimizing flower - he's got a new rig and torch and has been buying a lot of closed loop extract. "If its got THC in it, I'll smoke it, though!" he laughs, in true Cheech and Chong style.

CannaClub is proud to serve the needs of their loyal customers across Canada.

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