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The Great Strain Debate - Medical Cannabis Delivery Service, Dispensary

The Great Strain Debate - Medical Cannabis Delivery Service, Dispensary

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Last April 20th (or 420 for those in the know), after the celebrations at Toronto's Yonge Dundas Square, a small group of friends who use CannaClub, Canada’s top marijuana delivery service, from across Ontario gathered at one of the cities storied vapour lounges. After they'd grabbed their drinks and snacks, chosen their bongs, and rolled a couple of joints, they leaned back on the sofas, and spoke of the things marijuana smokers talk about - life, love, politics, medical marijuana delivery service, medical cannabis dispensary, and, of course - that most important of all questions - "What's Your Favourite Strain?"

Medical Cannabis Delivery Service is Booming in Canada

It wasn't long before the classic "what's the best strain ever" debate flared up between Tim and his wife Daniela who were visiting from Windsor; Derek who was in town from Brantford, and their Toronto host, Steven. As long time customers of Cannaclub, Canada's leading online medical cannabis and mail order service, they'd all had the chance to try many varied strains - indicas, sativas, hybrids at their convenience. While they all admitted that every strain they had ever tried from the CannaClub menu was superior, they each maintained their personal favourite was the holy grail of cannabis! (They also all agreed that when it comes to medical cannabis delivery and medical cannabis dispensary, Cannaclub is the very best medical cannabis delivery service in all of Canada - citing all the great apps and special deals.)

But when it comes to strains - they don’t all agree. To this day Daniela still insists that there is no strain better than cannalope haze, a sativa dominant strain originally bred from crossing Haze Brothers Original Haze and a male Mexican landrace Sativa.

"I use it at night before bed," she says,"and the body high it gives me is indescribable." The numbers back up her claims - with a THC content ranging from from 20-28%, Cannalope Haze packs a real punch and she wasn't the only CannaClub customer at the vapor lounge that day that swears by it.

Steven, who deals with severe anxiety from a traumatizing family event he experienced as young man, got serious for a moment and said...“Seriously, though Cannalope Haze has got to be the best strain to relieve my anxiety and calm my panic disorder."

What Experts at CannaClub say about diverse strains?

Experts at CannaClub say that this particular strain is popular for its unique taste and high. Its smooth, sweet, topical and flowery flavour has been described as a mix of haze and Cantaloupe fruit, and most users consider it to be noticeably different from other strains. The aroma is hazy, with a tinge of Cantaloupe fruit and the buds appear a light green in color with a thick white crystal coating on the orange hairs. Popular with recreational users, this strain also has particularly strong properties on the medical side. Cannalope Haze is known to be helpful in stimulating appetite. Many medical users attest to it's ability to effectively alleviate chronic pain. It has also shown to be effective in the treatment of diabetes, glaucoma, nausea, migraines, chronic aches, combating eating disorders, anxiety and even stress. However- the strain is generally not recommended for first time cannabis users. Larger doses can cause the user to feel sleepy.

Tim would agree. He says that while he he has seen how much his wife likes Cannalope Haze, he finds it makes him a little too tired. "For me, I prefer an elevated know, a real HIGH," Tim says. "Give me a Sour Diesel any day of the week! I throw a little of that into my vaporizer or bong and I'm up and ready for whatever the day might throw at me. You still get that body high...but it's the head high I really like."

Medical Cannabis Dispensary - Cannabis Strains

One of the better known cannabis strains since the early 90s, Sour Diesel is valued by medical users for its pain fighting properties. Those coping with stress and depression have found it useful as well. Recreational users just say it makes them feel "happy and uplifted."

" good weed should!" Says Derek, ever the joker, who immediately volunteered to be the tie breaker... but insisted he'd have to research both strains to decide which was "The Best."

They talked about walking to a local medical cannabis dispensary to solve the dispute… but then they remembered the advantage of using CannaClub’s medical delivery service. "I'm waiting," he said, smiling, holding up his cell phone. "Which one of you guys is transferring funds to my CannaClub smart wallet first? "

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