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Mail order recreational cannabis is a lifeline to Canadians in remote areas

Mail order recreational cannabis is a lifeline to Canadians in remote areas

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Back in the old days if you wanted to purchase cannabis in Canada, you had to call your local dealer and leave a message on his pager to call you back and schedule a delivery or pick up. Sometimes you would have to wait around at the local pool hall or video game arcade for hours until the local dealer showed up with crappy counts of compressed seeds and lumber tightly wrapped in tinfoil or saran wrap to satisfy the needs of all their eagerly awaiting customers.

My, how times have changed.

Yet even in this day and age of storefront dispensaries many Canadians in rural areas across this country still face restrictions on their ability to obtain quality cannabis safely and reliably. Despite assurances by federal and Provincial officials many municipal jurisdictions across the country are still planning to implement local restrictions on cannabis sales and distribution, effectively banning the sale of the herb through enactment of local by-laws.

Order Marijuana Online and Cannabis delivery service to the rescue!

Mail order marijuana online has become a lifeline to many users across Canada who otherwise would be prevented from being able to safely and reliably obtain cannabis, by allowing these underserved customers to place their orders online in a secure environment. Without fear of local officials lurking over their shoulder, online ordering is providing quick, discreet, direct delivery marijuana to the homes of Canadians, safely and conveniently. “I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have cannabis delivery service near me!” said one northern Ontario site user.

CannaClub has been on the forefront of helping to solve this access problem for people in remote areas, ALL ACROSS CANADA, by allowing them to purchase cannabis from a trusted and reliable source. Instead of being forced to rely on some sketchy back alley dealer and be subjected to seeds, lumber, low counts and the fear of local officials targeting you.

The same way drive sharing apps like Uber and Lyft allow users to track their drivers arrival, CannaClub utilizes a unique Mobile Dispensary App available for either Android or IOS, that allows users to track their packages en route for delivery live via GPS from their mobile device.

As one of leading companies in this emerging market, CannaClub combines over 35 years of industry experience to provide a new level of convenience with a wide selection of cannabis, concentrates, and other marijuana related products through a customers mobile device, or online. This allows customers to track their cannabis delivery until it arrives at their home in a non descriptive package.

The Smart Wallet feature allows users to transfer funds to their Wallet by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Wallets can be used to make purchases, and even allows users to transfer money from their Wallet to a friend, or buy a gift by simply transferring Wallet to Wallet. It also allows CannaClub to reward users with instant bonus money from the CannaClub Reward Promo Team.

Mobile Apps for On-Demand Delivery Marijuana & Cannabis Delivery Service

As well as their mobile app, CannaClub also makes it easy for customers to browse for their selection online from their desktop or laptop PC, simplifying the payment and delivery process to make the experience quick, and efficient.

Privacy and security is still of prime importance to cannabis users so end-to-end encryption is built into CannaClub’s mobile application. This ensures customers private details, photos, order information and documents are kept safe and well-secured from any third parties.

Users can login with their Facebook or Twitter account., incorporating social media to promote their platform. This allows users to share their experience, and receive additional rewards, while helping to expand their customer base online. They have found that new users eager to try out the website or download their mobile app for the very first time. CannaClub is ahead of the curve in cannabis related e-commerce!

If you want to give them a try, visit the website to download their mobile app, and sign up online to try out this unique new way to order high quality cannabis products for home delivery -safely and securely. Simply submit using the signup form, or login with your Facebook or Twitter account. You will be set up in minutes, and able to order fine cannabis right away!

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