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How Do CannaClub Customers Choose Their Medical Cannabis Strains?

How Do CannaClub Customers Choose Their Medical Cannabis Strains?

How our valuable customers choose Medical Cannabis Delivery Service?

GrandDaddy Purple. Death Bubba. Girl Scout Cookies. Durban Poison. Cannalope Haze. Purple Alien OG. Headband. Nuken. Northern Lights.

The colorful names of cannabis strains are often fun and inventive. They are certainly alluring - who wouldn't want to break apart some pungent buds and compare Lemon Haze with Strawberry Kush in taste, effect, and healing properties?

Some cannabis consumers admit they find the plethora of strain names more than a little confusing. Even long time smokers say that with all the amazing options, they don't always know what to choose. Recently, Cannaclub turned to some of their customers to ask them some questions about the medical cannabis strains on offer and how they choose which ones to buy marijuana delivery service.

How Dispensary delivery will change your life?

"Dispensary delivery has changed my life! I feel like a kid in a candy store looking through the menu sometimes," says Andrew P, who manages a call centre in Peterborough. "I'm in my forties, and I still remember when your option was "the expensive stuff" or "the not so expensive stuff! I use medical cannabis delivery to relax at the end of a long work day -- mostly a strong indica to wind down and chill out a bit. I also like to mix it up with a sativa to share with friends on the weekend... or sometimes even during a break at work. I don’t want to give away my secret but I can’t stop telling everyone how awesome dispensary delivery is!”

Sandra F, an administrative assistant at a community college in a Vancouver suburb, agrees. She says she initially found the choice of strains overwhelming. "Even though I live near a city that has a lot of storefront dispensaries, I would experience anxiety when visiting them. I use cannabis as medicine and I have found different strains really do have different effects. For me, it's important to take the time to research it and find the one that might be right for me. Of course, I never really know til I try it myself, but my process is to go to, look over the strains available on the menu and then go to Google to research each strain before I buy it. I had never used cannabis before, so I didn't know a lot about it and I didn't feel comfortable asking questions while other people were in line behind me. I'm really grateful my cousin directed me to CannaClub - I have always found what I need! Delivery medical cannabis is definitely the answer for me!”

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When asked how he chooses which strain to buy, Andrew laughs. "I'm not that scientific about it." he says. "I just pick a name that I like and go for it! Often I'll buy a small amount of four or five strains at a time, and go back and get what I liked most later. But seriously, I could close my eyes, point to an item and order it, and I'm sure I'd love it. As far as what I have got from CannaClub, I have to say I have loved every strain I've tried! I probably shouldn't say this, but - Everyone always wants to share a joint with me at a party,...what I have been getting from CannaClub is SO much better than what everyone else gets locally! Dispensary delivery is the way to go - there’s no going back! "

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