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Cannabis Users Who Don’t Smoke

Cannabis Users Who Don’t Smoke

"Probably close to half of the people using cannabis daily don't smoke weed - but they use a weed delivery service.”

"I don't smoke, but I use 'marijuana' every day."

If these statements don't make any sense to you, you just haven't been paying attention.

CannaClub, one of Canada's fastest growing weed delivery services reporters that there is a growing demographic of people using cannabis in other forms - both for medical and recreational use. While a lot of people who ask “Where can I buy weed” may just be interested in flower - and CannaClub prides itself on offering a superior collection of fine flower and extract for the connoisseur who still prefers to smoke or vaporize - they also sell an extensive variety of other potent products for non smokers.

The most popular alternative method of cannabis ingestion is the consumption of edibles (often referred to as medibles, these are food products infused with decarboxylated cannabis or cannabis extract.) And the cooks of the cannabis community have come a long way. This is NOT your fathers hash brownie... (though there are, of course, still plenty of fine hash brownies on the market..) Edibles makers have truly stepped up their game. Those who have been away from the world of cannabis for awhile might find a shock awaits them. And those who who haven’t been paying attention might still be asking where to buy weed, edibles, oils and other cannabis products - and they may not know where to order weed online - along with all these other great advancements in cannabis!

The answer of course, is CannaClub!

The products on CannaClub's shelves are the best from Canada's artisan cannabis business community, and they are truly HIGHer end.. pun intended. From canna-butter to cake pops, from savory pretzels to granola bars - from blackberry lemonade to actual HERBal teas....this is truly gourmet stuff . And you won't see any saran wrap here. In the last couple of years, the oackaging and retail friendly labelling of cannabis has skyrocketed in terms of professionalism. To address potential concerns in terms of future regulations, health and safety and other considerations, it is now common to see expiry dates, ingredients lists, messages that say "19plus", "keep away from children," or "adults only" along with company contact information, dosage, and other details. First time users are advised to use caution when experimenting with edibles as eating cannabis instead of smoking it can result in a stronger, more long lasting high.

Growing in popularity at an exponential rate is the topical use of creams, salves, and tinctures. Creams and salves are primarily used medicinally to treat pain, itching, and other skin conditions. These products are often by senior citizens and people who have never used any kind of cannabis before and are an excellent introduction to the healing powers of the cannabis plant. However CannaClub's statistics show that increasingly, tintures (that can be added to your morning coffee or any drink) and sublinguals (sprayed or placed under the tongue) are being used even by regular cannabis smokers as a pleasant supplement to their regular cannabis use. People who live or work in environments that require discretion and subtlety particularly appreciate this option, and CannaClub users are able to choose from several options to determine which best fits their needs.

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