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Medical Marijuana Home Delivery? There's An App For That!

Medical Marijuana Home Delivery? There's An App For That!

Canada's Premium Medical Marijuana Online Home Delivery Service

CannaClub - Canada's leading medical marijuana home delivery service - recently polled their customers about the reasons they use CannaClub for their cannabis needs. Their answers were telling, showing how people from so many walks of life are using cannabis today - and why they are choosing CannaClub for medical marijuana online delivery.

Here are some of the responses they received :

"I've been smoking since I was 20 - and that was nearly 30 years ago! At first I was paranoid to order recreational marijuana online... but then I realized its way safer than hanging around somewhere waiting to meet "my guy" where all eyes could see. I never thought about it before, but I realize now I probably put myself in a lot of unsafe positions over the years...not to mention the risk of arrest! I found CannaClub in a Google search, I order everything I smoke now...and I haven't looked over my shoulder since!" - Hannah E., Calgary

"I just got tired of waiting around half the day for some guy to finally decide to deliver my marijuana. I literally remember paging my friend in the morning, getting a time of arrival, and consistently waiting three or four hours. Looking back on it now, I guess I put up with it because there was no alternative... but dealing with CannaClub is so different. Now I know what to expect and EXACTLY when to expect it. I don't have to spend half my life waiting around now."

- Abby G., Winnipeg

"Last year, I went almost two weeks without smoking a joint when ALL three local pot dealers I knew were dry - and none of my friends knew anyone who had any either. The whole town was dry. It wasn't until a friend drove three hours away to Toronto that we finally got some. I wish I'd known about CannaClub then! "

- Adam W. Chatham

"My doctor prescribed me cannabis for pain because I want to minimize my use of pills. There was a time I was basically addicted to painkillers that I was legitimately prescribed, I was walking around like a zombie. So I turned to my doctor...but to be honest I just can't afford the prices the LPs charge. With CannaClub, if I purchase in quantity I get discounts that mean the difference between me being able to afford my medicine or not - Medical marijuana home delivery is also much more discreet than a visit to a dispensary.”

- Stefan S., Montreal

"The choose in strains ....and the quality is off the charts. Its just consistently great. I always know I'm going to get something great. I've become known as the guy who always bring the "FIRE" thanks to CannaClub and medical marijuana online delivery!"

- Mark C, Bancroft

"My favourite thing is the app. It's so cool. It's like Uber or Skip The Dishes... but for weed!! You can see exactly where your product is and when its getting to your place. Weed Technology Rocks!" - Thomas D, Cranbrook

"Getting unexpected bonus CannaClub reward money into my wallet that I can use to buy weed! On my birthday it was so cool, three of my friends all in totally different cities who also use CannaClub actually sent me weed for my birthday via the wallet!" - Dan R, Toronto

CannaClub operates across Canada serving customers who have reached the age of majority.

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