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Why Do customers Use Canada's Leading Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

Why Do customers Use Canada's Leading Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

How Medical Marijuana can help you?

Despite the anticipation surroundings Canada's plans to legalize marijuana for recreational use, many Canadians forget the fact that cannabis is already legal for tens of thousands of Canadians who require it for medicinal use.

Only about 30,000 patients have actually been allowed to grow their own cannabis at home for legal consumption. Those regulations only continue to exists as a result of a recent court ruling that allowed them to be grandfathered in from the previous exemptions, because of a long and hard fought legal battle that resulted in a court injunction to maintain the status-quo.

Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Canada

Despite this legal victory for medicinal users, Federal and Provincial authorities have continued to ignore the needs of medicinal cannabis users, by continuing enforcement of unconstitutional legislation that discriminates against these patients. Conducting ongoing raids, and police intrusions at medical marijuana dispensaries, undermining patients ability to obtain quality medicine from a safe, secure and reliable source.

Know more about Medical Marijuana Delivery Services

Medical marijuana delivery services and medical marijuana dispensaries fill a real need. With over 100,000 previously licensed or recently prescribed medicinal cannabis users in Canada last year, and over 7500 new patients receiving their first prescription in the first three quarters of 2017 alone, LPs are unable to adequately deal with the capacity, and often have a very slim selection of products. They are often unable to provide the quality or variety of strains required to satisfy the needs of patients who require a higher quality [product, or medibles and concentrates, as well as topicals which are still not widely available to the public under the current Licensed producers system.

Patient-Focused Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

As a result patients are restricted to only a small selection of strains and products, and under current legislation, also restricted to obtaining cannabis from the dispensary that initially accepted the prescription from their doctor, and have to repeat the same bureaucratic process every time a patient decides to change which medical dispensary they deal with. Ethical questions have been raised about this practice in national media, including an article about to run in the Globe and Mail. Patients are demanding choice not only in their method of treatment, but in the medicine itself. Medical marijuana dispensaries both virtual and brick and mortor, allow clients / patients the opportunity to choose from literally dozens of cannabis flower strains : sativas, indicas, hybrids of all kinds. Medical marijuana delivery services add convenience and discretion to that choice. For some patients, not to mention adult use cannabis consumers in communities without marijuana dispensaries, this has been a lifeline.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are the answer, and with a medical marijuana delivery service like CannaClub, one of the nations most popular, are essential in filling the gap that currently exists.

CannaClub’s Marijuana Delivery Service

Medical marijuana delivery services are here to stay - and CannaClub is on the cutting edge of utilizing new technologies to overcome the obstacles patients face. Providing a safe, secure and reliable platform which allows patients to order cannabis from the safety and security of their own home from their mobile app, or online, paired with an exciting wallet where the company will randomly send a surprise - a few dollars to order some great product, an enticing special on great new flower.

CannaClub clients are grateful for this superior medical marijuana delivery service.

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