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201t Cannaclub™, All Rights Reserved operates in full compliance with all applicable countries and cities worldwide. Cannaclub™ is not a cannabis retailer but a software provider that services qualified legal Dispensaries, Licensed Producers and Government Operators.
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About Us

Cannaclub is an online Virtual medical marijuana dispensary with the mission of providing the most professional, Safe-Access and lab-tested marijuana products to consumers across Canada.

We want to thank all of our current consumers for their continuous support of our delivery and mail order service. We believe the success of our mission as a delivery and mail order company is due our superior Management Team, Customer Support and our consistent range of top quality Medical Cannabis at affordable prices.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve consumers across Canada with the finest care, and most secure online Private transaction system.

CannaClub core values set us apart:

  • Social Networking: Share your favourite products on social media and more
  • Promotions: CannaClub offers the BEST promotions > Daily Giveaways
  • Reliable: 24-7 tech support / Downloadable App for consumers to order fast by mail order and delivery
  • Mobile: Advanced App technology to make online purchases fast, easy and reliable. Make payments by CreditCard, Debt and COD
  • Delivery GPS Tracking: Track your care package live via GPS on our App. Watching your CareGivers Private Live Route coordinates makes each order very convenient for both the customer and CareGiver.
  • Visual: Consumers enjoy visually viewing the products and its reviews. Colourful photographs of cannabis plants and an inventory of products from beverages, edibles to oils and vaping supplies
  • Smart Wallet: Each member will be able to transfer funds to their Wallet by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Wallets can be used to make purchases, to receive instant bonus money from CannaClub Reward Promo Team. In addition members can transfer money from their Wallet to a friend, or buy a gift by simply transferring Wallet to Wallet

CannaClub looks to always be ahead online e commerce for its consumers. We are the main resource of online medical cannabis ordering and medical marijuana dispensaries across Canada. We invite and encourage members and followers to contribute content, advice, and feedback.